The Journey into Painting
Painting shapes my way

Ruth Coleman

In August, 2007, while holidaying with friends, I expressed an interest in trying to paint as my friend did.  She was so kind and generous and spent a couple of hours helping me create my very first painting "The Bridge"  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Although she helped me quite a lot, I had managed a fair bit on my own and I was shocked to find I could sometimes translate my ideas onto a canvas.  I have been having fun ever since, sometimes with success and sometimes with disasters.  This website is my "Journey into Painting"  I still have "The Bridge" taped to the wall in front of me so that I can hear her voice coaching me along.  Since then, I have worked for a week with another artist friend in Victoria, BC and those paintings too are on the wall so I can hear his kind voice coaching me along too.  At home, my husband, also a fine artist, often gives me tips which I try not to take personally but rather incorporate into my work.  

Now a few years into my painting journey, I can actually see the progress I have made and can clearly see the areas that need work.  I have continued to work with my first mentor and cherish each and every time we get together to paint.  I have now branched out and have painted with other artists and love the challenge of taking new ideas back to my studio and onto the canvas.  The delightful surprise of selling paintings to people who genuinely seem to like my work is a thrill.  Screwing up the courage to enter shows and sales is a challenge.